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specializing in Jumbo Mortgages, Super Jumbo Mortgages, Reverse Mortgages for Seniors, and Commercial loans. My Personalized Service is limited to properties located in North Georgia. Yes, I still make house calls! Contact me for a free personal, confidential consultation.

Why should you choose my mortgage brokerage company to handle your residential mortgage transaction? Simple. My job is to match you with reputable lenders offering the loan program best suited to your loan requirements, personal qualifications, and financial strategy. I will not try to "sell" you on various lender programs. Instead, we will work together to find out which loan features are important to you, such as: maximize equity position, minimize closing costs, maximize mortgage tax write-offs, minimize loan rate, maximize cash-out, etc. Different wholesale lenders specialize in different loan programs with rates that fluctuate on a daily basis, until a lock is authorized by the borrower. Locks are permitted either from application or after loan approval, depending on the lender.

My services as a mortgage broker include, but are not limited to, providing Good Faith Estimates (GFE) of closing costs, obtaining qualifying information from the applicant, checking credit and credit scores, explaining the various loan products available, submitting the borrower's completed loan package to a wholesale lender, and coordinating rate locks, appraisal, title, survey, flood, PMI, and other settlement services as required by the lender. As compensation for these services I generally receive a 1% origination fee, which is disclosed on the GFE.

If you choose a residential wholesale rate below or above par (the market rate at zero points), then you will pay the discount points (ie. rate buydown, etc.) or benefit from the rebates (ie. limited-cost or no-closing-cost loan, etc.), either of which will be disclosed on your GFE. The decision will be yours to make. I will present unadjusted wholesale lender rates directly to you for your approval. One of my major goals is to be one of the most, if not THE most, competitive mortgage brokers you will ever deal with. My reasoning is that you will then feel secure when making a confidential referral to my mortgage brokerage.

Also, contrary to popular e-myths, it is virtually impossible for all Georgia licensed residential mortgage brokers to be approved with all residential mortgage lenders licensed in Georgia, nor would a broker or lender want to manage that many relationships. If 25% of all lenders, equally have the best market rates and fees, we still only need one to close your mortgage. On the other hand, if you have a challenging situation, we may need to shop around. Shopping has a risk factor to it. The lender selected must be both reputable and competitive in order to lock an advertised rate, and subsequently close the loan prior to rate lock expiration, without surprise closing fees.

There are many reputable residential lenders in the Georgia marketplace. However, there are enough fraudulent and predatory mortgage originations to make both Congress and state legislators pass anti-predatory mortgage laws to protect consumers. Predatory brokers and lenders can, and do, cause problems for reputable brokers and lenders, as well as consumers.

COMMERCIAL LOANS are handled differently than residential, usually on a case by case basis. Mortgage brokers originate over two thirds of the income producing loans. Funding sources were life insurance companies (approx. 25%), commercial [collateralized] mortgage-backed securities conduits (approx. 25%), government sponsored enterprises (SBA, HUD/FHA, USDA, and GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, approx. 25%), and, banks, credit companies, private lenders, and pension funds (approx. 25%). Commercial lenders are more specialized than residential lenders. I have access to direct lenders, conduit lenders, and other commercial lenders through a national database, which can be searched for your particular commercial loan requirements.

Henry M. Hanson, Jr. (Hank), MBA, CMS
Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance
Mortgage Industry - Since 1990
Corporate America - 24 years - Retired
United States Armed Forces - 28 years - Retired
Member of Lake Lanier Association (LLA)
Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS):
- NMLS Mortgage Loan Originator ID: 166043
Georgia Mortgage Loan Originator License Number 24486

- Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) ID: 165760
- Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee
- Georgia Mortgage Broker License Number 16161

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